Shakshuka is a staple of Tunisian, Libyan, Algerian, and Moroccan cuisines traditionally served up in a cast iron pan with bread to mop up the sauce. It is also popular in [Read more…]

How To Dry Fresh Herbs


Try your hand at air-drying your bumper crop of fresh herbs or herbs from the market.

Here’s How: [Read more…]

How to Make Vanilla Extract


Vanilla extract

Vanilla extract takes only time – and almost no effort – to make at home. You can experiment with different types of vanilla [Read more…]


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Guacamole is an avocado-based condiment that originated with the Aztecs in Mexico. In addition to its use in modern Mexican cuisine it has also become part of American cuisine as a dip, condiment and salad ingredient. It is traditionally made by mashing ripe avocados with a molcajete (mortar and pestle) with sea salt. Some recipes call for tomato, onion, garlic, lime juice, chili, yogurt and/or additional seasonings.

From the many recipes we found, we chose this one because our friends told us that was the tastiest. It’s easy to do and you can do it in just 20 minutes.

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